Top 10 Best Acne Treatment Doctors in Surat 2024 – 2025

  1. Sparsh Skin & Hair Clinic
  • Description: Known for the best pimples treatment clinic in Surat with advanced technology and personalized care.
  • Address: Shop no.137 ,138 ,139 first floor , Platinum point ,opp. to CNG pump, near sudama chowk, Mota Varachha, Surat.
  • Highlights: Offers treatments for acne, hair loss, skin rejuvenation, laser therapies, and more.

2. Dr. Dipak Patel

  • Description: A reputed dermatologist with expertise in treating various skin conditions and performing cosmetic procedures.
  • Address: Surat, Gujarat
  • Highlights: Specialized in acne treatment, skin allergies, and hair fall treatments.

3. Dr. Bharat Mulani

  • Description: Renowned for his skill in both medical and cosmetic dermatology.
  • Address: Surat, Gujarat
  • Highlights: Experienced in laser treatments, chemical peels, and anti-aging therapies.

4. Dr. Mehul Patel

  • Description: Expert in treating skin diseases and cosmetic dermatology.
  • Address: Surat, Gujarat
  • Highlights: Known for his expertise in treating psoriasis, eczema, and vitiligo.

5. Dr. Chaitali

  • Description: A well-respected dermatologist focusing on comprehensive skincare.
  • Address: Surat, Gujarat
  • Highlights: Offers a range of treatments including acne scar removal, mole removal, and skin tightening procedures.

6. Dr. Krutika

  • Description: Specializes in cosmetic dermatology and general skin care.
  • Address: Surat, Gujarat
  • Highlights: Known for her work in chemical peels, dermal fillers, and laser hair removal.

7. Dr. Rani Shah

  • Description: Provides advanced dermatological treatments and personalized care.
  • Address: Surat, Gujarat
  • Highlights: Focuses on acne treatment, hair fall solutions, and skin rejuvenation.

8. Dr. Vikas Desai

  • Description: A leading dermatologist with a focus on innovative skincare solutions.
  • Address: Surat, Gujarat
  • Highlights: Expert in botox, fillers, and other anti-aging treatments.

9. Dr. Bhupendra Thummar

  • Description: Offers a wide range of dermatological and aesthetic treatments.
  • Address: Surat, Gujarat
  • Highlights: Specializes in laser treatments, hair transplants, and skin resurfacing.

10. Dr. Mrudula Desai

  • Description: Known for her expertise in dermatology and cosmetology.
  • Address: Surat, Gujarat
  • Highlights: Provides treatments for pigmentation, acne scars, and laser therapies.


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